Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa, has this week been featured on the cover page of the financial mail with the late Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe.

Mnangagwa on the August 13 Cover Page of the Financial Mail With Mugabe

The cover page by Vuyo Singiswa is captioned, How Mnangagwa became Mugabe 2.0 and The Iron Grip tightens.

In the main feature story on page 22, Carien Du Plessis says:

– Zimbabwe has not changed for the better since Mnangagwa took over

– Zimbabwe Soldiers earn between $USD70 and USD150

– Zimbabwe has shortages of water, fuel and electricity is cut off 18 hours a day

– Nurses and Doctors Have been on strike for over 6 weeks

– Opposition leaders have accused Mnangagwa of using the lockdown to clamp down on his opponents

– Ibbo Mandaza said the situation in Zimbabwe has been deteriorating since the disputed elections in 2002

– The police lost out during the coup to the military

– After the coup, the constitutional Court ruled that the coup was legal

– Mnangagwa allowed the UN Special Rapporteur to come and report on Zimbabwe, but the report was rejected by the Zimbabwe permanent representative to the UN

– Mnangagwa has compensated White Farmers

– Mnangagwa has launched the Transitional Stabilization program that ends in 2030

– Mnangagwa has fired corrupt ministers (Mupfumira, Obadiah Moyo).

– Mnangagwa has banned public transport operators (kombis)

– The British Ambassador wore a Mnangagwa scarf to an event in Downing Street.

– The USA never bought Mnangagwa’ s propaganda

– AU and the SADC never recognized Mugabe’s fall as a coup

– Inflation in Zimbabwe is over 800%, employment at over 90%

– Economist : Victor Bhoroma says the following governance reforms need to be implemented :

– Credible election framewok

– Adherence to Constitutionalism

– Accountability in Resources management

– Transparency Around state tenders and in SOEs

– Equitable distribution of state resources