Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that a young SAS officer, Tendai Saunyama Kandima, who was wrongfully convicted for the Mnangagwa White City Bombing, has been languishing at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison Since December 2018 after a court Marshal and is now close to death at Harare Central Prison due to illness.

Kandima has been denied access to lawyers and is reportedly being victimised because he is refusing to name Prof Jonathan Moyo as the mastermind behind the Mnangagwa White city bombing.

Our sources revealed that Kandima is now suffering from ventricular hypertrophy after being heavily tortured for 36 days.

Kandima was arrested on the 22nd of December 2018 and was convicted at HQ infantry Brigade on the 13th of February 2019. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Mnangagwa was bombed at White City Stadium, in Bulawayo, on 23 June 2018  during a campaign rally.

Kandima was moved between Kabrit Barracks and Infantry barracks during that time and spent 36 days being tortured, without food and was also denied medication.

About Kandima

Kandima joined the army in 2008 in Rusape before joining Paratrooper training and subsequently he joined Special Air Service (SAS) training that he completed in 2010.


Saunyama was arrested alone and was charged with 9 Treason charges:

  1. Gwanda poisoning
  2. Strategist for the White City Stadium bombing
  3. Poisoning of General Chiwenga
  4. Poisoning of SB Moyo
  5. Mission to Kill ED Mnangagwa
  6. Mission to Kill General Chiwenga
  7. RTA for Pupurai Togarepi

However, he was found innocent of all these charges and was only convicted of communicating falsehoods prejudicial to the state.

About SAS 

Special Air Services (SAS), is a special forces unit of the Zimbabwe Military. It is the most advanced unit and is more advanced than the paramilitary wing. To be in SAS, one has to undergo 2 years of further training after completing the most advanced Paramilitary training.

There are only a few officers in SAS and these are only used on special covert missions such as high level military intelligence work that require sophisticated tactics and protection of top leaders.