Former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao says ZANU PF and Emmerson Mnangagwa must go, they have proven that they have no capacity to implement immediate solutions to the crisis in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with SABC, Zhuwao said when Mnangagwa ascended to power through a military coup he projected the narrative that he would take the country forward however it has not been the case.

Zhuwao said he knew that Mnangagwa is not the type to take the country forward and bring positive changes because of his ruthless character.

Zhuwao has been in exile in South Africa since the fall of his uncle in the November 2017 Military Coup.

He said the crisis in Zimbabwe is now a threat to the stability of South Africa as people will continue to flood the neighboring country for greener pastures, currently there are at least four million Zimbabweans in South Africa.

Zhuwao said he dedicated in 2016 that he will not support Mnangagwa based on what he knew about his character however the military intervened and fostered Mnangagwa onto ZANU PF and the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is now a military state thus people should first remove the military out of civilian politics.

ZANU PF will never be reformed it will always rule with an Iron fist thus it should be removed completely.

Zhuwawo said the intervention by Cyril Ramaphosa in Zimbabwe is a good initiative that will assist Zimbabweans to find each other and agree on the way to take the country forward.