Dr Ian Ndlovu has delivered a new prophecy about Zimbabwe as an update on various prophecies that he gave in the past.

The Substitution of the Falcon.

Now that the Falcon is gone, some things are about to happen. The falcon was in the background all the time. The falcon is now out of the way.

The lion is is still around even though the falcon is now out of the way. In the pace of the falcon, a bear which is alive and is there within the fortresses, the bear will come out charging with full speed.

The Bear shall move suddenly in an attempt to end the troubles. There will be a bloody standoff between the bear and one of the beasts that has been mentioned in previous prophecies.

The lion and one of the beasts will maintain neutrality when the bear comes out charging.

When conditions of peace are established, foreign envoys will come to assist with material assistance. Let us pray that there will be no bloodshed during this time.

There are things that God is triggering that are not pleasant. There are forces that are operating at the present moment.