Matemadanda Slams Ian Khama for meddling into Zimbabwe’s matters

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda says Ian Khama who failed as a President in Botswana should stop intruding into Zimbabwe’s matters.

Addressing the media during the weekend, Matemadanda said: “All this hype about failed former Botswana leader Khama, the one who has even failed to get a wife for himself, thinks he can pronounce himself on Zimbabwe”.

This comes after Khama showed his concern over the human rights abuse issues in Zimbabwe by hosting a gathering with Zimbabweans in Botswana to discuss about the issues in the country.

Matemadanda added that khama failed as a President thinking that the Botswana were foolish and now he wants to be involved in Zimbabwean politics.

“Zimbabwe cannot be dictated to by outsiders who choose to entertain fellow sell-outs, no we cannot accept that.”

Matemadanda said Zimbabwe respects the sovereignty of other States and no one has the right to interfere in the country’s internal affairs.

Moreover, Matemadanda blasted the US embassy for sponsoring anarchy in Zimbabwe.

“America is not a peace making nation, it is concerned and worried only about its own interests”.

Matemadanda said America should stop championing democracy when themselves they are not democratic, there are a number of human rights violations in America.

Matemadanda commended Cyril Ramaphosa for sending a special envoy to investigate the alleged human rights violations and set the record straight.

“We expect that if it is found that these people are lying, action must be taken against them so that we bring sanity to the region.”