Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of UFIC Ministries says there are already solutions in existence to the problems people are facing worldwide.

In one of his online teachings, Makandiwa said it is a trend that God forbids a problem to arrive without a solution having been discovered.

The man of God said there is a system that people operate under that ensures victory is certain before they fight which makes people more than conquerors.

Makandiwa said a nation can be facing huge problems for forty years however the solution is already in existence together with the problem.

He said to every existing problems people are facing in the world there are spiritual solutions hence people should not underestimate supernatural power.

Makandiwa said when one sleeps during the night he is entering a dimension of solutions to which he should not come back without extracting an answer.

Makandiwa said people should not treat all their dreams the same instead they should seek for understanding and divine revelation concerning each dream.