SHOCKING : SA Hospital Gives Two Mothers The Wrong New Born Babies

The Mother of the Girl was given a Boy

A South African Hospital, Tambo Memorial hospital has made a Shocking mistake after swapping two babies, a boy and a girl, and giving each to the wrong mother to take them home.

The mistake was only discovered after the mother of the girl child realised that she had been given a boy child.

However, this was not the first mistake of the day. The baby had been discharged with a drop still attached to his leg.

After taking back the boy child back to the hospital, the mother of the girl child says the nurses did not take the issue seriously and just said it was a mistake.

A DNA test was then performed after a request by the father of one of the babies and the two children were matched with their parents.

The mother of the girl child is now planning to sue the hospital.

The Gauteng Department of Health spokesperson, Kwara Kekana confirmed the mistake and said controls will now be put in place.