Representatives of South African Private Schools have clarified that parents are still expected to pay school fees even when schools are closed or their children are not attending school.

Many parents in high fees schools have been affected by the Coronavirus Lockdown and some have lost their jobs.

Curro Holdings says they have set up a Covid-19 fund of R50 Million to assist parents who are failing to pay fees.

Parents who are facing financial difficulties should engage the schools and make payment arrangements.

Private schools have also cut teachers salaries by up to 40% and in some cases have retrenched.

The South African government has refused to bail out private schools, noting that they cater for the rich minority.

Private Schools in South Africa employ up to 150 000 people of which 50 000 are teachers.

Paul Colditz, the CEO of the Federation of Governing Bodies of South Africa Schools (Fedsas), says:

“We have seen cases where parents who are able to pay are withholding fees in the mistaken belief that their children are not receiving tuition.

Even where parents have been retrenched, they can not  simply withhold fees, they must apply and be exempted.”