Ideal Zimbabwe President, Tinashe Jonas, says the G40 group comprising of Savior Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao have now failed to topple Mnangagwa and want to be accepted into ZANU PF.

This follows the approach by Zhuwao and Kasukuwere who met ANC leaders this week.

Kasukuwere, Zhuwao and other G40 members met ANC leaders this week

Jonas said the special Envoy sent to Harare by Cyril Ramaphosa will in part try to negotiate acceptance of G40

Zhuwao and Moyo also offered to facilitate negotiations between ZANU PF and ANC on the problems in Zimbabwe in a letter written on the 5th of July.

However, Jonas says all these efforts are not for Zimbabweans, but out of self interest.

Jonas said Mnangagwa will be careful as Jonathan Moyo has Presidential ambitious and is likely to continue working against Mnangagwa.

Jonas said Chamisa is likely to lose out if Moyo and Zhuwao go back to ZANU PF as these two were his think tanks.

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