The African Union says they are monitoring the abuse of human rights and oppression of innocent citizens in Zimbabwe, SABC News reports.

This comes after activists and journalists were arrested for organising a protest against the Zimbabwe government to express their views on allegations of corruption and human rights violations in that country.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has since appointed envoys to go to Zimbabwe an Zimbabweans on Social media have made it clear that this is not enough and that Ramaphosa himself should go to assess the situation in Zimbabwe.

Opposition parties in Zimbabwe have also expressed their concerns towards the appointment of an envoy to the country saying they also want to be part of the talks so that they voice their grievances as well.

Foreign Editor for SABC News Sophie Mokoena who has been monitoring the situation in Zimbabwe said that abduction reports continue to emerge in Zimbabwe however with the ruling party ZANU PF denying this, the suffering of innocent citizens has become clear.