A traumatised 17-year-old Pretoria boy is believed to have confessed to the crime of helping his mother murder her two boyfriends and her older son.

The mentally ill teenager reportedly took the elders, a traditional healer and police officers to the spot where the bodies were allegedly buried by his mother.

The 17 year old boy revealed that the his brother was murdered second after he could not hold the secret of the first murder anymore and threatened to confess the crimes done by his mother.

After the the mother’s aunt, Thobeka Sopam, asked about the disappearance of her nephew, was told he went to Cape Town because he was gay and could not live with his mother.

All three bodies were buried in the property of one of the elderly boyfriends who was also murdered by the woman and his son.

The woman’s neighbours revealed that the woman’s mentally ill son later started revealing what him and his mother had done.

He said the first boyfriend had a chronic illness and was starved to death while the second boyfriend poisoned.

The woman’s other son was allegedly hit on the head and body with bricks and a bottle.