Chris Maroleng Says Cyril Ramaphosa is Ignoring the Humanitarian Crisis in Zimbabwe

Executive director of Good Governance Africa Chris Maroleng says South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa and the world at large are ignoring the Humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to South Africa Newsroom Afrika, Maroleng said there are rampant human rights violations in Zimbabwe and everyone is turning a blind eye on the situation.

Maroleng said Ramaphosa who is also the African Union chairperson should stand up and call on the Mnangagwa government to desist from such uncalled for undemocratic behavior.

He said the impact of the Zimbabwean situation does not only affect the Zimbabweans only it affects even the neighboring countries hence massive action should be recommended to improve the country’ situation.

Maroleng said the leaders of the Southern African Development Community should take a stand, intervening in the interest of the citizens not only when it is in solidarity with the autocratic regime.