Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa says people should fear rich men because they are ignorant but cover their ignorance with their riches to manipulate people.

Teaching during the Sunday online service, Makandiwa said when a rich man decides that the world will be in isolation for the next five years thats exactly what is going to happen because people with poor mindset are easily manipulated.

People with money have the power to detect anything that happens worldwide and they are not met with any hurdles in implementing whatever they want.

Makandiwa said Covid-19 will not be cured because people behind it are not willing to come up with solutions on how to end it.

Makandiwa said covid-19 is so precious to the rich people responsible for the deadly disease that they have to nature it like a baby, media houses are paid so that they push forward narratives of a few individuals concerning the disease.

Makandiwa said on a number of occasions doctors have said that hydrocloroquine cures Covid-19, however there are business people who have crushed the view because they are benefiting from the deadly virus