ZANU-PF spokesperson in South Africa, Kennedy Mandaza says 31 July protest cannot be considered a victory because of heavy deployment of police and army to squash the planned anti government protest on Friday.

Speaking to SABC news, Mandaza said the protests were illinformed because they are happening at a time when there has been a spike in the covid-19 and Emmerson Mnangagwa further tightened the lockdown to curb the continued spread of the virus.

Mandaza said ZANU PF is grateful that people adhered to Mnangagwa’s lockdown regulations instead of joining illegal demonstrations.

Speaking on the arrest of Mahere, Mandaza said the demonstrations had not been sanctioned thus no one had the right to be outside demonstrating.

Mandaza said Mahere was caring placards showing that she had the intention of making others join in the march.

Mandaza said the demonstration was not an anti corruption fight but a move to try and remove the ruling party legitimately elected in 2018.

Speaking on the arrest of Hopewell Chinono and harassment of Duduzi Mathuthu’s sister, Mandaza said the state is justified to act as such because the journalists have inferred history of inciting public violence and inciting people to partake in demonstrations to remove Mnangagwa.