Prophet Bethel of Divine Waters Ministries says the Zimbabwe economy will change by 07 August 2020 under the leadership of ZANU PF not any other opposition party.

In a prophetic word, the woman of God said only ZANU PF will Rule the nation despite forces from the opposition.

She said God will change Zimbabwe through the already existing government from the period of 30 July to 07 August.

The woman of God said there will be 100% change in Zimbabwe, the country will soon be the bread basket of Africa, it will be restored to its vibrancy among other countries.

Apostle Bethel said the 31 July protest is futile instead people should come together in a peaceful manner and resolve the situation without any fight or spilling of blood.

Prophet Bethel said God is with the Zimbabweans in their trying times thus Mnangagwa and his government were chosen for a reason.

She added that ZANU PF is the legitimate party who ever wants to make a change can only do so through the ruling party.