Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has slammed Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government for the decision to compensate white farmers who were dispossessed of their land during the forceful eviction process which occurred in 2000.

On Wednesday 29 July 2020, Mnangagwa confirmed that a landmark compensation agreement had been signed to redress injustices committed under former President Robert Mugabe’s watch.

The violent expropriation of white-owned farmland displaced an estimated 4 500 people and subsequently plunged the country into economic free-fall.

The EFF said: “We are of the firm view that Mnangagwa is either deeply misinformed about the real causes of the crisis in Zimbabwe, or is simply capitulating to pressure from the white supremacist world.

Either way, this treasonous act of paying white settlers money that Zimbabwe does not have will not resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe, which is essentially a political crisis resulting from years of mismanagement, at the centre of which Mnangagwa features prominently.”

Malema said the occupation of white-owned land followed a failed ‘willing seller, willing buyer’ framework associated with Zimbabwe’s fight for independence.

“Mnangagwa is now not only pissing on the graves of the many heroic men and women who laid down their lives for the return of Zimbabwean land, but he is also desecrating the legacy of Robert Mugabe.”

Malema said Mnangagwa will be remembered as a clueless amoeba who was prepared to trade off important gains of the struggle in order to be like by the whites.

Malema said Zimbabweans should condem the wasteful use of money that should be directed towards building in Zimbabwe.