Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of UFIC Ministries says the establishment of the satanic kingdom, the anti Christ in the world is trying to measure the amount of power that the church possesses in order to overthrow it.

Preaching during his online Sunday service, Makandiwa said there are people who claim to be providing solutions for the whole world, they put lockdown curfews in order satanic to try and understand the power behind the church and the people conducting it, controlling the power that keeps disputing their agenda.

Makandiwa said people in the anti Christ are worried about the church, true believers trying to stop their ultimate agenda of Satanism thus the church is being attacked.

Makandiwa said he has always suggested that the greatest vaccine of Covid-19 and any other disease is the blood of Jesus Christ yet they are considering the church a threat.

The man of God said the church is being attacked because it speaks the truth exposing the ills and every satanic agenda being planned in the world.