The Star Newspaper has reported that Zimbabwe is believed to have sent 30 Special Forces to Mozambique.

This comes as Isis is making fitted inroads in South Africa. However, the regional body, SADC, seems to lack a clear plan of action in the Cabo Delgado conflict.

SADC is of the opinion that the mercenaries fighting on the side of the Mozambican government are too heavy handed.

Isis in South Africa

Isis has warned South Africa and Zimbabwe against getting involved in the conflict and threatened to attack targets inside South Africa If they Intervene.

Investigators revealed that Isis Flags were found at a house in Klipriver, where a BMW X5 that was involved in two drive by shootings in December.

Bomb making manuals and guns were also found at the house.

It is clear that Isis has the capacity to penetrate all of Southern Africa.


Total this week signed 14.9 Billion out of the required $20 Billion for the Mozambique offshore gas projects.

Jean-Pierre Sbraire, chief financial officer of Total, said the signing shows financial institutions have confidence in the long-term future of LNG in Mozambique.

Mozambique LNG is one of several projects being developed in the country’s northernmost province of Cabo Delgado after one of the biggest gas finds in a decade off its coast. Together, the projects are worth some $60 billion.