Sekuru Nyamasani a Traditional Healer from Harare revealed one of his worst moments of his job when he was beaten up by a Goblin in Bindura in the process of casting it out of a household.

Sekuru Nyamasani said it was in Bindura in an area called Chevakadzi where he had been called to remove a goblin from a house.

Sekuru Nyamasani was beaten and left with a scar on his face that he still has up to this day and he says that that is one of the days he will never forget as a traditional healer.

He said that even though he has heard about fake Tsikamutandas who claim to remove snakes and goblins in peoples houses, he has actually fought against real spirits that haunt people and is not amongst the fake Tsikamutandas.

Sekuru Nyamasani said that he gets his powers from ancestral spirits who show him the presence of goblins and evil spirits in peoples lives and also enable him to cast them out.