President Emmerson Mnangagwa co-advisor, Shingi Munyeza says Zimbabwe’s economy will not change as long as the leadership lacks clear visionary to take the country forward.

Munyeza said the primary issue to take the country forward is to make sure that there are consistent polices together with a good leadership.

Talking to Makanaka Maseyama about his businesses, Munyeza said he graduated at UNISA in 1986 and ventured into Accounting and moved into Business and marketing with CM&A.

Munyeza said he then moved on to head the CRESTA group and an opportunity for a management buy out at African sun.

Munyeza said the economy is not based on an individual but the whole ecosystem thus the whole executive is responsible for moving the economy forward.

Munyeza said the ministry of finance and RBZ governor are not responsible for destroying the economy but all sectors of the economy have a huge role to play.

There is polarisation in the country as the the leaders have failed to bring together the people with divergent views thus Zimbabwe is at war through hence the economy will not thrive when people are contesting with each other.

In order for Zimbabwe to progress there must be internal harmony and unity in the nation, there should be national dialogue bringing together different parties for a common good.

Munyeza dismissed speculation that he is working with the army against the 31 July Protest, saying he is just a citizen concerned with the prosperity of Zimbabwe.