A mysterious preacher in Harare has applauded Emmerson Mnangagwa as a hard worker and a President who was put in power by God.

Preaching to a crowd in Harare CBD the preacher said that Mnangagwa was not born a President and he had to work hard to get to end up being the President of Zimbabwe.

“Whether you like him or not, the President Cde ED  Mnangagwa was not born His Excellency. He worked for it, having grown up like any other child, To be President was God’s purpose. It’s called valued addition,” said the candid Preacher.

He said that people should stop saying that Mnangagwa does not deserve the presidency because he worked hard just like Kirsty Coventry who worked hard as a swimmer and ended up being a Minister.

The preacher encouraged Zimbabweans to work hard at whatever they are good at and one day it will take them far.