Jonathan Moyo says that the Zimbabwean Military refused to see the transformation of ZANU PF under himself and other young Politicians like Nkosana Moyo after the ZANU PF old guard politicians were shaken by MDC-T and saw the need to restructure.

In an interview with Zenzele Ndebele from the Center for Innovation and Technology (CITE), Jonathan Moyo said:

I cannot imagine how else a Zimbabwean of my age would have participated in the life of our country without involving ZANU PF and working through it one way or the other.

There are a lot of people who ask me why I joined Zanu PF because I used to criticise them and then I joined them, they conviniently forget that I was zanu PF since I was a kid, I went to School on a ZANU PF scholarship, all my Higher education was on a ZANU PF scholarship by which I mean a scholarship endorsed by ZANU PF and supported by ZANU PF for in my case the United Nations to give me a scholarship and the African American Institute to give me a scholarship for my University and when I was a university student I used to work in the zanu PF NewYork office and in Los Angeles Carlifornia where I was, I was the ZANU PF commissar but when I came to the University of Zimbabwe I did not become active in ZANU PF and I regretted that I was not active.

It’s one of the mistakes that I believe I made and I have written about this, when I started seeing in the Soviet Union members of the communist party actually being active to change the communist party, Helsing was a communist and these were the guys who actually transformed the Soviet Union to bring about what is Russia Today and these other Republics, part of the world.

In Zimbabwe, a number of us who had a completely different view about what the liberation struggle was supposed to achieve, what the liberation struggle was supposed to be, Regretted that we allowed lunatics to run away with The button Ngoma Huru Style and that there was no necessary debate especially during the One party state debate because we had removed ourselves from it, so we came back and I’m not the only one.

We came back, perhaps foolishly others would say thinking we would change the party and when some of us came back, we did not come back as part of some Guru as the typical ZANU PF way, most of the youths who go to ZANU PF have some chief who is fronting them, whom they are supporting.

Some of us came back on the basis of our professional abilities not because we had somebody supporting us and pushing us and we believed that the time was right for ZANU PF to transform professionally and become a Morden organisation. For a while it was possible

If you can imagine a ZANU PF meeting attended by myself, Nkosana Moyo, Olivia Muchena, Joseph Made, Simba Makoni and with these gurus having said to us, you know what you are the young sect, go and sit discuss and come up with a proposal of the new ZANU PF of the new century.

We sat on a number of occasions in 2000 among ourselves and it was unbelievable that these guys of ZANU PF were giving us that opportunity to design a new ZANU PF and they were afraid, the MDC had shaken them and they could not see a future based on their past, they were now saying we need a new way and they were agreeing.

And I can tell you these are stories in greater detail on other platforms or opportunities but I can tell you that the ZANU PF political old guard had given us an opportunity to design a new ZANU PF that was thwarted by Gukurahundists, the military guys. They are the only ones who did not accept and who told the politicians that these guys you are giving this stuff are CIA agents.

They said how dare they allow Moyo who is a product of American education and just now before he came to start doing this work in the party he was with the ford foundation, the ford foundation is a CIA organisation, Nkosana is a British ally and it became impossible to work.

ZANU PF takes its instructions from the CIO from MID, it takes its instructions from GOC. They just thought they were going to lose power and stopped and went back into their ways and that is why it is not possible to reform ZANU PF from within.

The only possible way to reform ZANU PF from within would be through the military, Through the CIO. The military has become the most important organ of GOC.

In the past it was not always like that, there was a time during the heydays of Mugabe Rule when there was quite some serious tension among these organs, the CIO would be fairly strong, the Police equally so and the army had problems because they were not supposed to be involved in the civilian domestic affairs of the Country.