Zimbabwe People ‘s Party Communications Director, Jaison Midzi has revealed that it is not possible for investigative journalists to operate under the current environment in Zimbabwe.

Speaking on how weekly program on Gambakwe Media, Midzi said the current leadership in Zimbabwe would naturally arrest an investigative journalist because they see him as an enemy.

Midzi said investigative journalists the world over are under attack and face arrest and even death during the course of their job.

He gave examples in Russia, China and even Africa, where the laws don’t allow journalists to operate.

On foreign embassies such as the USA and the European Union that have called for the release of Chin’ono, Midzi said these Embassies are seeing this case in the same light as in their home countries but the situation is different in Zimbabwe.

On Jacob Ngarivhume, Midzi said Ngarivhume is probably using his arrest to build a profile and was unknown until this arrest.