MDC Alliance National Spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere says Mthuli Ncube has shown that he is failing to deal with issues bedevilling the Zimbabwean economy after the Mid term fiscal review presented to Parliament on Thursday.

Mahere said that the fact that Mthuli Ncube mentioned that there is a budget surplus in the face of a rash inflation proves that he is Clueless in saving the Zimbabwean economy.

She said according to Zim stats an average family needed ZW$8485 to survive in a month and Nurses are still getting paid ZW$3000 and are expected to survive with such an amount.

Mahere said that the ministry of Finance still has not issued a statement on the closure of the Zimbabwe Stock exchange and the government still has not provided safety nets for workers.

She said that this shows that the ZANU PF government is delusional and clueless in the plan to take the Zimbabwean economy forward.