Zimbabwe foreign affairs Minister, SB Moyo struggled to answer questions on the TV program Conflict Zone yesterday.

When asked about over priced Buses that were bought through Zimbabwe Billionaire, Kuda Tagwirei ‘s company, Moyo said the deal was above board.

Moyo said if anyone had issues with the deal, they should report the matter to ZACC.

When reminded that the matter has already been reported to ZACC and has been flagged by the IMF, Moyo defended the deal and said Tagwirei has delivered the Buses.

Moyo also defended the purchase of 50 land cruisers at $400 000 each and said ambassadors were using Ubers before the cars were bought.

Moyo said there was no catch and release by government, but blamed the Judiciary, whom he said are independent as the was seperation of powers.

On reforms, Moyo blamed the western governments for failing to respond to the Zimbabwe Is Open for Business Manta.

He said reforms have been put in place and blamed the opposition for stage managing abductions.