NPF politician, Jelousy Mawarire h,as confirmed that three of his relatives died in the car that colided head on with Apostle Talent Chiwenga ‘s car in Norton.

However, Mawarire says the three were not CIOs but entered the wrong side of the road as there were no markings to show that the road was turning from a single to a dual carriageway.


Jelousy Mawarire is a Zimbabwean politician who was close to Mugabe, the former Zimbabwe president and was formerly a spokesperson for NPP, Mai Mujuru ‘s Party that has since fizzled out.

1) We note, with concern, the attempt, by Talent Chiwenga’s church, to assume the duty of the police, VID & even the courts, to preside over a matter, that surely shld be b4 the courts since the accident claimed 3 lives.

2)While we are not experts in analysing accidents,we note,in the church statement,a deliberate omission of a huge contribution to that head-on collision, which is the absence of clear markings at the Norton tollgate of the transitioning from a single carriage into a dual carriage

3)No attempt was made,in the interest of fairness & safety of other road users today,to explain that while the Byo-Hre road dualisation is starting at the Norton tollgate, the tollgate covers only the old section, hence when travelling from Byo,the rd is a single carriage meaning

4)when one is driving from Byo u get into the tollgate on a single carriage but exit the tollgate already in a dual carriage meaning automatically the lane u were using from Byo becomes a wrong lane just at the tollgate exit.There are no carriage marks to indicate this transition

5)There are no barricades to avoid traffic from Bulawayo proceeding through a wrong lane. This is information the Norton traffic police gave to family members of those who were involved in the accident & am sure the church got that info as well.

6) This info wasn’t given, just to explain how the accident happened, but also to warn us when travelling to the scene to avoid a similar collision. When we went to the scene around 10pm, the police insisted we drove to the extreme left to avoid the fate that befell our relatives

7)As a family,thru a relative in the parliamentary portifolio committee on transport, we raised a complaint to the Min of Transport on the lack of clear transitioning markings at the tollgate.While this wld not help our already deceased relatives, it will help the motoring public

8) In the presence of such information, we wonder why the church, a supposedly religious & charitable organisation, deliberately, or otherwise, doesn’t inform the public of that info which even the Norton traffic police is complaining about. As a family we also believe

9)the church shld have contacted us as a bereaved family,if not to convey their condolences,but to inform us of allegations they’re now laying against our deceased relatives. My bro who was driving the white car had his drivers licence on him & a phone police used to contact us

10)I also posted here that the person involved in the accident was my brother & if the church is making allegations against him, it is really fair that they contact us since he is no longer alive to answer to their allegations.

11) It is quite unfair to suggest that an educationist, owner of Prestige Secondary & Primary schools in Bulawayo, his wife & a Harare lawyer, Mr Makopa, who also perished in the accident, were on a suicidal mission to harm Chiwenga & kill themselves in the process.

12)Such allegations r not only callous,but do not even rise to the level of nonsense. As a family we have also registered disquiet, as to why a driver involved in a fatal accident was immediately extracted from the accident scene by non-medical staff b4 police attended the scene.

13) My brother, his wife & Mr Makopa were taken alive to Norton Hospital & Mr Makopa was then transferred to Harare where he unfortunately passed on early Tues while my brother & his wife unfortunately succumbed to injuries while being attended to at Norton hospital.

14)While we r not legal experts, we’re just surprised why the driver of the other car was wisked away from the accident scene “by a well-wisher” & also question the legality of such an act. Ordinarily that wouldn’t have concerned us but it matters when same driver, on the night

15)of the accident,was in a state of mind to begin circulating infor alleging our relatives, who passed on in the accident involving the car he was driving,were state security agents after his life.We r also interested, as he is,to know the identity of the car & driver he alleges

16)was chasing him from Kuwadzana roundabout, caz that detail has effect on the way he was driving & consequently the head-on collision & the failure, by the 2 drivers, to avoid an imminent collision. We are also interested to know why he didn’t drive into either

17) Kuwadzana or Norton police stations to alert Police cars revolving light that he was being trailed? We are of the opinion such a measure would have helped him avoid collision with our relative & may be our relative cld have met other responsible drivers to alert him he was on the wrong lane.

18)While it wldnt have helped us or our deceased relatives we also believe, as part of ubuntu, the driver of the car involved in the accident with our deceased relatives, shld have contacted us since we understand he is alive. We had to know who he was thru his social media rants

19) and a piece of paper we found around the wreckages which I attach here. We thought it was in his interest, as is ours, to know the parties involved in the accident b4 his rantings on social media. A young lawyer’s life was lost in the accident, Presige group of schools lost

20) two directors in the accident & families lost breadwinners, relatives & friends in that unfortunate accident & were expected responsible citizens, let alone supposed church pple, guided by the Spirit of Truth, to act responsibly & not use the demise of our relatives

21)to feed into their paranoia & conspiracy theories. My brother & his wife were travelling for the burial of our sister on Tuesday morning when they met their deaths Monday evening & as a family we ended up with 3 bodies to bury. That alone took a huge toll on us emotionally

22)the least we expected from a party to the Collision symbol was to act responsibly after contacting our family.But since we’re different beings with different aspects, temperaments, psychological & mental states, we have no choice but to live with extremities & absurdities life threw on us.

23) While we don’t want to be conspiracy theorists like Chiwenga & his church, we are naturally bound to ask why Talent Chiwenga is always involved in fatal road traffic accidents where 3 people die.Last year it was his wife,Mai Vhurumuku & a church member, this year it’s my bro

24)his wife & a harare lawyer. In normal jurisdictions,the mental state, driving competency & psychological disposition of a common denominator in such fatal accidents is investigated,we can’t have a single being competing with Covid-19 in killing pple thru road traffic accidents

There has been many speculations that Jelousy is a CIO operative, which he denied in an interview with Josie Mahachi last week.

You can watch the interview here

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