Bill Gates say he is surprised about the new wave of conspiracy theories about him planning to use vaccines to put microchips in people all over the world.

Gates said his first instinct was to joke about the conspiracy theories. However, he says, advisors told him that the conspiracy theories were serious thing because it will make people less likely to want to take vaccines.

Bill Gates says he sees the conspiracy theories as a way for people to deal with the complication of the corona-virus pandemic by seeking simpler information than studying virology.


Bill Gates says models have revealed that there will be a large number of deaths in the fall because there is no behavior change. Gates says the disease is worsened by conditions such as temperature and humidity and time in door.

Key Points

Bill Gates made the following key points:

  1. Younger people are going to be infected and will start infecting older people and this will end up hitting the old people’s homes hard.
  2. New therapeutic treatments like mono-culture anti-bodies will start coming out.
  3. The current fatality rate is below 0.5 if every case is found
  4. Coronavirus is transmitted by pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic people ( Talking, Singing, Laughing)
  5. Asymptomatic transmission are over 40%. Some people will have a lot of virus in the upper respiratory system and non in their lungs.
  6. Super spreaders profile has not been determined
  7. World Health Organisation was wrong to not see the value of wearing masks earlier
  8. Opening schools is a good idea where the infection rates are low
  9. Open Bars and entertainment areas was a bad idea
  10. Innovation tools and Vaccines is where Bill Gates has deep expertise
  11. Dr Fauci was allowed to have some airtime, the CDC should be the primary voice in this crisis
  12. It is unusual how much the USA has been relied on in the USA
  13. There are three promising vaccines at the moment: Madonna (USA targeted) ,  Astronomica, Johnson and Johnson. These will be in phase 3 by the end of the year.
  14. There are 4 or 5 other vaccines Novavax, Mek etc that are 2 or 4 months behind this.
  15. Factories are being found that will be dedicated to poor countries that are cheap
  16. The USA has spent a lot of funds on research, financially and strategy
  17. There is a German project to monitor the oxygen sugar level for people who have tested positive for coronavirus
  18. Dexamathyson will go global as it is cheap
  19. More than 4 million posts on Bill Gates Consipiracy Theories
  20. More than 40% of republicans believe that the vaccine will plant a microchip