A Bulawayo man Bhud’ Fa has questioned Nelson Chamisa’s Matebeleland strategy saying that all MDC Alliance does is use people in Matebeleland for protests but they never actually address or raise their problems in Parliament.

The concerned citizen said that many of the people in Matebeleland are MDC Alliance supporters however whenever Chamisa or any other official does their rallies they address in a language they are not familiar with and they feel left out.

He said that they are only called to help in the protests and risk their lives yet the MDC Alliance politicians have never addressed the massive unemployment in Bulawayo and Matebeleland as a whole.

Bhud’ Fa said that many people are jobless and hungry in Matebeleland and even though they support and voted for MDC Alliance, they are disappointed that Chamisa does not have a strategy for Matebeleland.