Zimbabwean Politician and activist Dr Manyika says that no one has actually managed to remove ZANU PF from power and this shows that citizens should actually take a step forward and address their own issues and stop believing in other leaders.

Dr Manyika said that Zimbabweans should fight for their own freedom because other opposition leaders might not even be able to fulfil the needs of every citizen.

He said that if he was to be the president of Zimbabwe he would actually start by changing the constitution and change the requirements of being a member of Parliament.

Dr Manyika said if he was to be the President of Zimbabwe he would not be driven by the need for success because he has already achieved what he needs in life but he would be driven by the need for a transitional government to better the lives of Zimbabweans.

He said that it is not normal for Zimbabweans to be afraid to express their problems in fear of being shot or harassed by the ruling party yet the country achieved independence from white Rule 40 years ago.

Dr Manyika also said that Zimbabweans should appeal to war veterans who actually fought the war to help uphold the values they fought for in Zimbabwe today.