General Chiwenga traveled to China, and is still currently in China. This was Confimed by George Charamba, Mnangagwa ‘s Spokesman without giving details.

There is massive speculation in Zimbabwe as to the exact reasons for Chiwenga’s trip amid reports that Mnangagwa has declined an ultimatum by Zimbabwe Army Generals to step down.

Spotlight Zimbabwe reported 2 weeks ago that Army Generals want Mnangagwa to Step Down and make way for General Chiwenga.

Anger Over false  Mnangagwa Poisoning

Spotlight Zimbabwe reported in the 3rd of July that Chiwenga was angry and feels used after he discovered that Mnangagwa was not really poisoned before the coup in November 2017, as he had claimed.

Chiwenga is said to have obtained Mnangagwa ‘s blood test results from his South African doctors which showed that he just had a minor stomach upset and was not poisoned with a radioactive substance.

At the time, Mnangagwa and his backers claimed that he had been poisoned using ice cream that originated from Gushungo diaries.

Grace Mugabe had refuted the allegation saying she had no reason to poison Mnangagwa.

China Trip

The 63-year-old Chiwenga was last seen in public on June 25 when he attended a John Deere event to commission some agricultural equipment in Harare.

Chiwenga’ s last trip to China was in March, also for a medical check-up.

Chiwenga has missed at least two Cabinet meetings and was absent on
6 July when Mnangagwa met provincial ministers in Harare, and again on 10 July when the Zanu PF Politburo met.

Since April, Chiwenga has been to every province in Zimbabwe, he said to assess the food situation in the country.

On June 3, he toured Mwenezana estates in Mwenezi where Tongaat Hullet in partnership with Seedco to grow 460 ha of maize.

On June 12, he was joined by finance minister Mthuli Ncube for a tour of Lozani farm in Kwekwe where he met wheat farmers.

A day later, the vice president looked reasonably fit as he handed out food parcels to villagers in Binga before embarking on a tour of the Bulawayo kraal irrigation scheme.


It is clear that Mnangagwa has outsmarted General Chiwenga and his military backers.

The Chinese are on the verge of losing out in Zimbabwe. This is probably the reason why General Chiwenga had to travel to China.

This is also a smart way of him staying away from current rumours of an impending coup on Zimbabwe.

General Chiwenga appears to have given up on presidential ambitious and is probably just waiting to see what happens next.

Mnangagwa is likely to run for another term in 2023 and will be hoping that the economy will turn around after the Coronavirus.


The army Generals appear to have run out of political options and the only option left is probably to take Mnangagwa out using military means.