There was uproar at Sakunda run Rock Foundation Medical Centre after five people tested covid-19 positive linked to a Warren Park hairdresser who worked at Westagate salon who has since died.

The deceased Paida who worked at Curl Up and Dry hair salon is feared to have infected several others besides the 5 admitted at Rock Foundation.

In a chat obtained by Harare Live, the woman stayed in 135 Warren Park D and people have expressed concern urging others to be careful as reality of the virus sinks in.

[7/12, 17:27] +263 77 483 6***: Veduwe chachaya kuno kumaraini kwedu, muna135 Warren Park D ,pane mukadzi ashaya neCovid, Aishanda kuwestgate muSalon, please let’s be careful kwatinofamba, let’s stay at home.
[7/12, 17:28] +263 77 483 6***: This is a true story I have just spoken to a friend who works at the salon. Covid is at our doorsteps.
[7/12, 17:28] +263 77 236 5***: Which salon is this
[7/12, 17:29] +263 77 483 6***: Curl Up and Dye
This is a true story

Professor Jonathan Moyo re-tweeted the same story when he posted;

There was pandemonium today at the Sakunda run Rock Foundation Medical Centre in Harare when medical staff got entangled after five patients, one male & four female, tested positive for #COVID19; all of them through local transmission linked to a hairdresser at a Westgate salon!

Zimbabwe has recorded 1034 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 19 deaths.