Alama Lusulu born in Bila Bila Village in South Africa says that she met a man in Bloemfontein South Africa who later became her husband, after she got pregnant however her parents were not happy with it.

Alama said that after she finished her Matric, she got a job in Johannesburg and her husband followed her from Bloemfontein to stay with her and the baby.

Not so long after, her husband went Overseas to work while she stayed in Johannesburg and when he came back he was a different man.

At the time, Alama says she had no job and had to live on Maize meal and sugar with her daughter and when her husband came back, he was now abusive physically and emotionally.

She said that her husband would cheat on her with other men and he had a white boyfriend whom he would honour with and leave her with their daughter.

One time Alama says she attempted to end her own life after she had confronted her husband about his whereabouts and he beat her up for confronting him.

After a while of emotional abuse Alama said her husband ended up kicking her out of the house and she had to get a bus back to her home in Limpopo.

Not so long after she had got home, she met another man and got pregnant again and had to marry him but later discovered that he was just as abusive as her first husband.

Alama said that her second husband did not allow her to go out of the house and even bought her a phone with a tracker so that he could see her every move.

One time Alama and her husband had to be ordained at Deacon and Deaconess and they made her drink olive oil that led to her having a miscarriage but she was blamed for killing the baby.

Soon after that she decided to leave that man and ended up getting a high paying job working closely with the executive of that Company.