Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader, Albert Matapo, says ED Mnangagwa’s rituals are behind the construction of a new Mbuya Nehanda statue in Harare.

Matapo says Mnangagwa and his leadership team are known for visiting traditional healers and have been advised that putting up the statue will solve Zimbabwe ‘s current economic problems.

Matapo said he was in the liberation struggle, but the spirit medium of Nehanda was not the driving force behind the struggle.

Matapo said while Nehanda was important because she resisted colonialism, building a statue for her shows misplaced priorities as the economy is bleeding.

Matapo said a ZPPM led government will do away with the heroes Acre and will instead focus on projects for war veterans.

Matapo says Zimbabwe ‘s New government is full of theatrics like sponsoring the 31st July demonstrations that are a ZANU PF Project.