Metbank owner, Enoch Kamushinda ‘s Namibia SME Bank fraud case has taken a new twist.

In the latest twist, businesswoman, Tania Hangula and ministerial assistant Esau Mbako are reported to have received R7, 4 Million from the stolen funds.

Tania is said to have used some of the money, R740 000, to buy her luxury E-Class Mercedes Benz sedan.

SME Bank was liquidated on 11 July 2017 and over 280 employees of the bank lost their jobs.

The liquidators say Kamushinda’s and his entities’ – WorldEagle and Metropolitan Bank of Zimbabwe (MetBank) – only contributed R57.8 million for a 30% stake in SME Bank.

The liquidators alleged that Kamushinda, CEO Tawanda Mumvuma, former finance manager Joseph Banda, and others by 6 March 2017 had already “stolen” not less than R247 million from the SME Bank.

Attempts to bring Kamushinda and his Co accused to justice in Zimbabwe have failed through legal action by Kamushinda ‘s Zimbabwean lawyers (Fadzayi Mahere is a lawyer for Metbank).

The matter has also sucked in the President of Namibia, who was a the minister responsible when the  SME Bank deal was clinched.