MNANGAGWA DOWNFALL: A Few People To Die In Zimbabwe – Prophet Tom Tirivangani

Mnangagwa lied to his comrades about what happened in Mozambique

In a Shocking prophecy delivered on the night of 12 July 2020, Prophet Tom Tirivangani says he saw a vision that Mnangagwa ‘s Presidency us over.

Tirivangani said a few people will die in Zimbabwe.

He reminded his congregation that he had prophecised that God has chosen a man to lead Zimbabwe back in 18 July 2004.

On 31 December 2017, he said he prophecised that Morgan Tsvangirai would not be in the future of Zimbabwe.

Tirivangani said God showed him that Mnangagwa hijacked the Presidency and lied to his comrades about what happened in Mozambique.

Tirivangani said God is angry that the spirit mediums have been uplifted above his name.