Thokozani Khuphe says 31 July Demo is a plan to disrupt MDC T Congress.

The MDC T led by Thokozani Khupe has condemned the 31 July Demonstrations saying it is a plan to disrupt the MDC T extraordinary Congress.

Addressing journalists at a press conference, Phugeni said that MDC T was surprised that 31st July Demonstrations were set after the MDC T had set their own date for the Extraordinary Congress which was Scheduled for End of July.

Phugeni said that it is not sensible that people want to protest at a time when nurses and doctors are protesting against lack of equipment to handle Covid 19 patients.

He said that people are risking their lives wanting to mingle during the protest and even himself would not send his children to go and protest in the streets at a time like this.

This comes after reports came out that MDC T interim leader Thokozani was chased away and humiliated at Gogo Chamisa’s funeral however Phugeni dismissed those allegations and said that Nelson Chamisa was delighted to see Khupe at the funeral.