BREAKING : Sale of Alcohol Banned Again In South Africa

South Africa President , Cyril Ramaphosa has this evening have provided an update on the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa.

Ramaphosa said he has been presented with projections that between 40 000 and 50 000 South Africans will die of Coronavirus this year.


1. Ramaphosa acknowledged that three premieres have tested positive for Coronavirus.

2. The death rate is very low at just over 1%.

3. 148 000 South Africans Have recovered from Coronavirus.

4. While some have taken responsibility, there are some who have ignored Coronavirus regulations by organizing parties and walking around with no masks

5. Some people have attended funerals where more than 1000 people attended.

6. There are several tragic incidences where people who have attended after tears parties have contracted the viruses and have died.

7. Models say South Africa will have between 40 000 and 50 000 deaths this year.

8. Coronavirus can also be spread through the air in closed and close spaces.

9. Over 2 million tests have been conducted.

10. 20 Million screenings have been conducted by the community.

11. There are over 20 000 isolation beds on SA.

12. Over 20 000 ventilators are available and 12 000 are being manufactured.

13. There is a shortage of 12 000 health workers. Nurses, Physiotherapists and pharmacists. Nursing students are volunteering.

14. The greatest challenge lies ahead. Some people who are infected have been turned away from hospitals.

15. SA is now introducing anti-body testing to estimate the number inflected.

16. Digital tools to be deployed to manage contact tracing and results notification

17. Coronavirus Cases in South Africa are now at 242 276

18. Cabinet has considered whether to move to level 4 or level 5. Advise was that taking this step will not improve the situation.


1. Wearing or cloth masks now legally required in taxis and workplaces

2. Workplaces must have a designated official for Coronavirus Regulations

3. Long distance Taxis must adhere to 70% occupancy. Local taxis can load up do 100% with masks and open windows

4. The sale, distribution and consumption of Alcohol suspended starting immediately

5. A curfew has been put into effect between 9pm and 4am starting in 13 July