Many people in Zimbabwe ask themselves many questions about the Military and its role in Politics and what the constitution says about the Military itself.

Much like the South African Military, the Zimbabwean military has the role to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests of Zimbabwe and to contribute to international peace and security and the constitution goes on to say and Uphold the constitution.

Prominent Zimbabwean YouTuber, Tinashe Hofisi says In 2017 when the army intervened and assisted in the Coup to remove the late Mugabe as the president, Zimbabweans accepted that the army was fulfilling its role of upholding the constitution and putting in place the leader they thought was legitimate.

During the same time, prominent members of the legislation and the Courts supported the move made by the army and shut own international views that said that there was a coup underway in Zimbabwe.

Tinashe Hofisi says Zimbabweans have an unhealthy relationship with the army and it will be impossible for Zimbabweans to send back the military to the barracks because of their role as said by the constitution.

Tendai Biti once said that section 212 of the constitution that explains the role of the military should be amended and Hofisi says he agrees because that is the only excuse that the army has used to be involved in the political running of the country.