Acting secretary for information and publicity of Zanu PF, Patrick Chinamasa has given a stern warning to MDC Alliance and Nelson Chamisa.

Chinamasa said that opposition should not mistaken ZANU PF efforts for an inclusive government as weakness but as a genuine intention to improve the country’s democracy.

As such, Chinamasa warned Chamisa and the MDC Alliance that what happened in August of 2018 will never happen again and if they go ahead with plotting an uprising, ZANU PF will deploy its cadres in defence.

Chinamasa said that Chamisa should not hide behind the masses but should come out himself and face ZANU PF if he is courageous enough.

He said that Chamisa should not be a coward but come forward and say out his grievances directly to ZANU PF because the government will not hesitate to deploy law enforcement agents on the 31st of July.