Spotlight Zimbabwe Reports that Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa has told Military Generals that it is not the right time for him to step down and he should be given more time.

However, military Generals are said to be adamant that Mnangagwa has failed and should step down.

The next course of action from the Generals is taking into consideration the potential of Tanzania, who has secretly told the Generals that they will intervene if there is another Coup in Zimbabwe.

The online Newspaper explained that Mnangagwa is citing the current Coronavirus Pandemic, which is accelerating in Zimbabwe which he said he us still handling.

Mnangagwa has also reportedly told the Generals that as the current Chairman of the SADC organ on Politics, Defence and Security, it is not possible for him to resign.

This has left the Generals considering two options, a recall or an impeachment.

However, the Generals prefer the recall route as it will not embarrass them.

The Generals are also secretly hoping that the 31st July demonstrations that are being organized under the hash tag #lootersMustGo will result in Mnangagwa’s departure.