Former Zimbabwe Information minister, ProfJonathan Moyo today spoke at length on the military factor in Zimbabwe politics.

Moyo said the Zimbabwe Military has never been in the Barracks since independence since Mgagao when they imposed Mugabe.

Moyo said the Zimbabwe Military has always been in charge, including during Gukurahundi when the 1st brigade launched the operation first before the 5th brigade was deployed.

Moyo said the military nerd to be sent to the Barracks based on the constitutional obligations that are imposed on everyone including the judiciary, citizens and the military.

Moyo said the group of Generals that presided over Gukurahundi are now in charge, but there are untainted Generals, namely PV Sibanda, Elson Moyo and SB Moyo.

However, Moyo said the power of recall is with the people, but Zimbabweans have not realised their power.

Moyo said the military is not working as one, and the power of the people is what the military fears most.