Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that Mozambique Islamic Insurgents Abducted a pregnant woman during the Ambush in which a Zimbabwean Man, Oscar Hodzi Gurure, was killed.

The insurgents also took cellphones from the scene of the Ambush.

Sources on the ground revealed that the area of Mocimboa Da Praia is now being evacuated as Security forces Plana a major military operation in the area.

The abduction of the pregnant woman, who is the wife of the Human Resources Officer at the Mozambique Gas Project, marks a change in tactics as this is the first time that an abduction has been recorded.

The Cellphones that were removed from the scene of the Ambush could potentially be used to obtain intelligence by the insurgents and represent a major information breach.

Sources told Gambakwe Media that an enquiry is now being held to understand how the employees were allowed to travel without an armed escort.


Sources revealed that on the day of the ambush, the engineer called Januario and Oscar were seated at the front of the truck, with the rest of the people at the back.

The insurgents shot Januario and the car stopped. They thwn shot Oscar and at that moment people at the back jumped and started to run. Pride and Ronald were able to escape, however, 3 other men were shot at the spot.

The insurgents then executed the rest of the people in the truck and took away the pregnant woman.


Sources told Gambakwe Media that authorities have started evacuating the area of Mocimbio Da Priar and a major security operation is expected within the next few days.

Residents of the areas are being moved to Palma, an area that is relatively peaceful and where life has been proceeding as normal.