Zimbabwe People Power Movement leader Albert Matapo has thrown his weight behind the 31 July Demonstrations. Matapo encouraged ZPPM members to join the demonstrations as individuals.

Matapo said all efforts to remove Mnangagwa by any citizen in Zimbabwe should be welcomed. Matapo said he wishes the organisers of the demonstrations success with the demonstrations.

However, Matapo said he is not part of the organising team and has not been in touch with Jacob Ngarivhume of Transform Zimbabwe who is organising the demonstration.

On whether the idea of the demonstrations is in conflict with his planned actions to remove Mnangagwa, Matapo said his signal is still coming and he will let Zimbabweans know when the time is right.

Matapo said corruption is a pandemic in Zimbabwe and can only removed when ZANU-PF is removed.

Matapo said it is not possible to end corruption in Zimbabwe before the removal of the whole system.

Matapo urged the organisers of the demonstartions to put in place mechanisms to protect the citizens from being harmed by the ZANU-PF government.