Popular American prophet from the United States of America says that Oppah Muchinguri knows about the coup and that Zimbabweans should not be misled.

In a live video on YouTube, Nathan Humbyrd said that God showed him the name of Oppah Muchinguri before he even knew that she had spoken in Parliament earlier.

Nathan Humbyrd said Oppah Muchinguri revealed you the Parliament that some individuals and organisations warned by Government like Gambakwe Media, ZimEye, Kasukuwere, Nehanda news, civil society groups and himself are going to be arrested.

Nathan said Oppah knows about the coup in as much as she knows that Security were planning to arrest Gambakwe Media and other civil society groups said to be causing fear and despondency however that was going to be impossible.

Nathan said that he knows Gambakwe Media is in South Africa, ZimEye in the UK and himself in the United States of America, so plans to arrest those people may be far fetched.