Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of UFIC ministries says believers possess unusual power to cast out demons however not every force in one’s life is an opposing spirit.

Makandiwa said some opposing forces exists to make one stronger just like gravity, it pulls one down not to hurt but protect from what is in the space.

Preaching during his online Sunday service, Makandiwa said spirits are given territories even by God for he is also an angry God thus there are spirits ready to execute the wrath of God.

The man of God said there is no place as bad, terrible and evil as hell yet God owns it not the devil thus it was executed to punish those who go against God.

Makandiwa said a true believer has the ability to bless and to curse thus he should have areas he manages just like hell yet he remains Godly and holy.

Makandiwa said through the spirit of God, Jesus managed to curse life out of the figtree

He said one should study the spirit behind what he is doing, if you get a hold of that spirit then you are incharge of the territory.

Man of God possess the power to communicate with demons and cast them out, which is not satanism but a gift from God.

Makandiwa said to have dominion over demons one should be able to talk tothem, instruct them what to do.