MDC Alliance Condemns Recall of Councillors by Thokozani Khupe.

MDC Alliance has condemned the recall of councillors by Minister July Moyo of ZANU PF acting on instructions by MDC Tsvangirai led by Interim leader Thokozani Khupe.

In a statement on Facebook, MDC Alliance wrote:

“Recall of MDCA Councillors

The MDC Alliance condemns the recall of 4 Harare City Councilors by Minister July Moyo of Zanu Pf on the instruction of the MDCT.

This action is the first step toward the decimation of councils whose mandate comes from the will of the people.

We have noted that Zanu PF is stalling the holding of by-elections because the people will just vote back the recalled councilors. This sideshow will not in any way help service delivery or improve the plight of the ordinary Zimbabwean. It is a  move calculated to cause confusion and shift attention from the national crisis.

As the MDC Alliance, we remain resolute and firmly focused on fighting for a people-centred government at local level. We shall continue to make sure that the people in the wards whose representatives have been removed are represented and their service delivery needs are met.

This unnecessary destabilization of the people’s government is a passing phase.

To our councillors, my reminder to you is that you have a covenant with the people in your respective wards. They voted for you and you accepted to carry the load of superior services for the people. This bond between yourselves and the people cannot be broken by anybody. Whether you have been recalled or are awaiting recall, let us remember that we account to the people and we must continue working in our communities unperturbed.

Sesel Zvidzai

Sec Local Gvt and Rural* *Development, MDCAlliance”