ZANU-PF has indicated its intention to win the 2023 elections with a massive rural housing strategy that was announced today ( 3 July 2020). The program was announced today by ZANU-PF Housing Minister Daniel Garwe and his deputy Simbanegavi while addressing Rural District Councils.

Under the new strategy, RDCs will be at the center of providing housing in rural areas to encourage people to move from urban areas to rural areas.

Land will be identified by the RDCs and will be serviced by developers that that are identified by central government.

ZANU-PF will be focusing on residential accommodation and said they will be declaring war on informal settlements and land barons.

Simbanegavi encouraged Zimbabweans from building big houses which he termed dead capital. Instead, he said Zimbabweans should consider their houses as a source of liquidity and re-finance them for other purposes such as capitalizing business.

The announcement of this program indicates ZANU-PF’s clear strategy to stay in office until after 2030.