Zimbabwe Military Behind ECOCASH And ZSE Bans – Dr Alex Magaisa

United Kingdom based Zimbabwean academic and lecturer of law Alex Magaisa says the military is behind the  banning of mobile money systems and the Zimbabwe stock exchange.

Magayisa said this was decided upon the basis that the black market is controlled by big people including the government and RBZ thus security forces decided the ban after they saw that Politicians have failed.

He said that the banning of mobile money systems is a temporary move before people find other ways to trade in the black market.

Magaisa said that things will soon go back to where they were because banning of Mobile money systems is not the solution to the problem but just an effort to buy time.

He said that government should provide evidence against mobile money systems to show that they are robbing the state and stop using this move as a scapegoat to the real problem that is poor economy.

Magaisa said that the proper structures of law were not involved in the decision to ban mobile money systems however it was the Ministry of Information which propaganda machine used by ZANU PF to push political agendas.

He said that this move could have come from the Security chiefs who saw that national security is being threatened by economic actors.