REINSTATED Movement for Democratic Change Tsvangirai Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora says he is going to implement social, political and economic reforms if he becomes Zimbabwe’s President.

Speaking to Josey Mahachie on Friday, Mwonzora said people underestimate him too much forgetting that he is one of the MDC Mps who has been contesting and winning in the rural areas, he has been winning MDC elections.

Mwonzara said he is going to contest at the MDC extraordinary congress and has better plans for Zimbabwe if he becomes President.

Mwonzora said if he wins he will first ammend Zimbabwe’s relations with the world thus the country will engage international community for economic growth.

He said there will be tangible economic, political and social reform to match with the international community.

Mwonzora said there is massive corruption in the Zimbabwe thus he will increase the punishment for corruption and misuse of funds.

He added that he will make sure that in the future everyone is given a platform to air divergent views, there will be tolerance, zero violence and enforcement of the constitution.

Mwonzora said he is willing to work with Nelson Chamisa if he stops spearheading unconstitutionalism, hatred, acrimony and violence.