1.Nyanga Bus Disaster.

Nyanga Bus Disaster that occurred on August 3 1991 when a bus which had Students and teachers coming from a sporting event crashed 20km from the school with over a hundred people which exceeded the passenger limit.

It is said that the driver was drunk and over speeding to the extent of the students begging him to slow down however the breaks of the bus eventually failed and the driver lost control before the bus overturned many times and had only 5 survivors out of a 100 people.

2.Masvingo Teachers College Student disaster.

On 9 June 2002, 37 students perished while 70 others were injured after their hired bus collided head on with a haulage truck and caught fire.

Among those who perished, 20 were burnt beyond recognition which was the worst occurrence after the students and lecturers had a nice day at a sports event in Harare.

3.Kwekwe Bus Disaster.

This happened on a an afternoon of 3 March 2016 when a Keekwe bound mini bus collided head on with a Bulawayo bound Mercedes Benz Sprinter and led to the death of 26 people.

4.Mhunga Bus Disaster

In August 2009 a Mhunga bus was involved in an accident when it was coming from Bulawayo to Harare and the driver suddenly saw a haulage truck that had broken down in the middle of the road.

40 people lost their lives on the sport and over 13 people were severely injured and people say that it is the same spot that The late Morgan Tsvangirai lost his wife in a car accident.

5.Dinwild Bus Train Crash.

In 2007 a Harare Kombi that was coming from Dzivarasekwa crashed into a Train killing 35 people on the spot and within a week 3 more people had died from sustained injuries.

6.King Lion Bus accident

The accident occurred at the Harare Chirundu road When the driver of a King lion Bus rammed into a tree killing more than 40 people on the spot.

7.Rusape Bus Disaster.

On 7 November 2018 two buses collided and according to eye witnesses one bus tried to overtake a haulage truck and rammed into another Bolt Cutter bus on the other lane.

According to reports 40 people died on the spot and 5 other people died in their way to the hospital with 5 more dying the day after.

8.Furtherson Disaster.

18 people died in an accident involving a Toyota commuter omnibus and a haulage truck along the Beitbridge Bulawayo road.

It is said that the truck encroached into an oncoming lane and in a bid to avoid a car on that lane he swerved and collided head on with the commuter omnibus killing 18 people on the spot.